Index Card Magic

Index Card Magic – start with some index cards, build on those ideas. Re-arrange as necessary. Put out outlines, scripts, and iBooks with this easy to use tool.

eBook Magic

Create stories in eBook Magic and read them minutes later on your iPad. Email out an ePub and your friends can flip through it in iBooks.

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All books and stories start with ideas. This flowable text epub writer will increase your writing speed and organization.

eBook Magic

eBook Magic

Want to create a Photo book? No problem, eBook Magic has got you covered.  Create a new book and start with the first page. Double tap the photo box to add a photo. Pinch-to-zoom if you’d like.  Tap a text box and up pops your keyboard.  You’re on your way.

Watch the video to get the basics of Ebook Magic.

We’ve added some new features, so check out the New Features page.

eBook Magic creates books so you can share your story right from your iPad.  Fast workflow, simple editing, easy menus.

Create stories in eBook Magic and read them minutes later on your iPad.  Email out an ePub and your friends can flip through it in iBooks.

Real Printed books – arranged right on your iPad. Direct upload in share menu for Professional Quality. Hard and Soft bound options to fit your budget.

All kinds of books are created with eBook Magic.  Children’s books, Photo albums, Year Books, calendars, cook books, catalogs, menu’s.  We see new ones every day.

Easy!  Start pages from templates, free-style edit, or Auto-write 10 pages by picking 10 photos.  Only eBook Magic for iPad has these features – to make life easy.

The widest range of share options; Printed books, PDF, ePub to iBooks, JPG, and editable eBookMagic file.

There are many books in the iBookstore published with eBook Magic.  You can sell your book  & meet Apple’s technical requirements.

eBook Magic also creates high quality PDFs for sharing, for previewing or printing at home.   eBook Magic allows you to print wherever you want.

eBook Magic is the only book maker for iPad that can shoot out each page as its own Photo JPG to your photo album for sharing.  Share a Page as a photo collage.  Another unique feature.

With eBook Magic’s editable eBookMagic File export, you can share with friends to collaborate.  Send to Dropbox.  The other iPad book makers don’t have an editable export/import.

eBook Magic was designed so anyone could create a page with photos and text in less than a minute.  Double-tap to add or photo or text. eBook Magic is easy.


eBook Magic has now added direct book printing.  The share menu of the app will give you option to create a new account.  If you would like to go directly to the printing site to view your uploads or preview orders...

Touch Image above to Create new account!

Login to view your uploaded books.

"Simplified menus and touch controls adorn eBook Magic." - appolicious

“An easy to use interface greets users as soon as the app is opened.” - 148apps

“Turn your iPad into a printing press for e-books with eBook Magic.” - appolicious


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