eBook Magic is designed to be the most flexible yet easy-to-use book making app for iPad.  We want to hear from you...

Ideas or General Questions?:

We continue to build new features in the app, and would love to hear your ideas.  For suggestions or general inquiries Please email Info@ebookmagicapp.com

For Technical Support or Questions:

For Support SUPPORT@ebookmagicapp.com See information below on what to include in your email so that we can help you better.

For Media, interviews, and Review Sites:

To contact our Marketing department for Promo codes or Press Release questions, email: Marketing@ebookmagicapp.com

Note: There are minimum requirements to receive a promo code to test eBook Magic. Please include your website and social media links in your request.



For Technical Support or Questions:

If you have a question, or are experiencing a problem with the app, please email us below so that we can help you.  We check these emails continuously, and will get back to you within the same day.  Please include:

- A description of your concern or problem

- Your version of IOS (4.3.5 or 5.0 or 6.0) found in : Settings/General/About/version

- What caused the error or event:
Example: “I created a new page, and added a photo background in the page settings menu. I then turned background color on and could no longer see my photo.”      Note: This would happen because “page background color” sits on top of a page background photo.


- Thank you -

The Evergreen Ruby Apps Team



Matthew Piunno – CEO

Founder and CEO of Evergreen Ruby, and the original designer for eBook Magic. Coming from a background in Photography, Medical Equipment and software, designed the unique workflow and features of the flagship product, eBook Magic – launched as the first book maker for iPad in 2011.

Loel Stein – Strategic Marketing

With Nearly 15 years experience in Software and enterprise solutions companies such as Apple, Inc., Experian QAS UK, Tidal Software, Loel joined the executive team to help in the design and launch of Index Card Magic and the upcoming release of iDea Writer.

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