Quick intro: There are only 2 screens in eBook Magic.  They are covered below, followed by a 4 minute walk-through video. Touch the photos and video to expand to full size.

The "My Books Gallery"

Creates, Stores, and Exports your Books

When you first enter eBook Magic you are greeted by a blank gallery.  The screen is self explanatory as there is a “New Book” button, and an Instruction Manual button on the top of the screen.  On the bottom of the screen there is a + to create new books, a Book icon to add a choose template, a Share icon to export or print your book, and a Garbage Can icon to delete the current book. Book Can exported to:

    • PDF
    • ePub
    • eBook Magic document
    • Upload for Printing
    • Export all pages to Photo Album

The "Editing" screen:

Tools for Editing your book…

The editor in eBook Magic is designed to be logical. Timeline is on the left with add & delete page tools on bottom. The top of the screen displays the “Settings” Menus for (Page/Text Box/Photo box), Add a Photo, Add Text & Photo Boxes, and the Book Setting Menu. My Books & Share icons are also on top.

The Page area in the center is surrounded by a leather background. Touching the leather deselects the text & photo boxes, refreshes page, and and displays Page Settings menu. Double tap a text & photo box to edit, and triple tap a text & photo box to open their Settings Menu.

This video is a great overview of the basic features of eBook Magic.   Below the video step by step instrctions.

4 Minute Demo of eBook Magic

This is the original demo video for eBook Magic version 1.0 and 1.8 – but the basics still apply. Add a new book, double tap a text & photo box to add text and photos. Add pages from over 100+ templates.

Remember -Photos can be added to Page backgrounds, Photo boxes and even Text boxes. Any of those three can have color overlay with % transparency to tint. Text and Photo boxes can have colored frames. Its easy, go for it.

eBook Magic 2.0 NEW FEATURES!

BOOK PRINTING: Upload Book directly to printing & binding service in app. Excellent pricing!

    • Auto Page Creation +10 pages at once!
    • Touch Resize Text and Photo boxes
    • 2-Finger-move-around-page
    • Add & Delete Text/Photo Boxes
    • Geometry Menu: Layer order & Rounded Corners
    • Layout Grid on Pages
    • Pop-up Instruction Screen
    • Export Book Pages to Photo Album

eBook Magic 2.01 is packed with enhancements.  New exports options, page editing capabilities, and auto page creation tools make this version, well, Magic.

The “My Books” screen in eBook Magic stores your books – but has some great new features. Book Templates have been added on the bottom menu, as well as a new FaceBook button to get updates on the app.

We’ve add a quick “instruction” screen to the eBook Magic edit by pressing the “?” icon in the top menu. This popup screen orients you to the tools in the app, and also explains how the new re-size function works.

Geometry Menu in the 3rd menu tab give numerical control to box size and position.

You can also round corners and delete a box.

Want to create pages fast?

Use the Page Auto Write button in the Page timeline menu.

eBook Magic will create one new page for each photo selected. a great starting point for great pages!

Want to see some of the new Resizing and Layering features in action?

Another Quick Demo…

How to use ebook magic on ipad to use a photo as a full page background, and then layer a photo frame and portrait on the page. The video also shows how to use the text settings menu to apply font color, size, and apply color and rounded corners to a text box.

    • Create a new Book
    • Add “Red Curtains” photo to page background
    • Place a photo of a “Picture Frame” in photo box
    • Add Photo box atop of  “Frame” photo
    • Place a photo of girl in the top Photo box
    • Resize photo Box to align in the “Picture Frame”
    • Type text in the Text Box
    • Done


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