eBook Magic is easy to use for adults and children.  With ePub output and the education discount from Apple, many school systems have shared the Magic of book making with their kids. Teachers have requested an easy way to have their student's books printed so they can give them to parents as gifts.  With the Release of version 2.01, eBook Magic offers direct upload for printing once a secure account is created.

Teachers: We would like to hear from you.  Share what your students are doing with eBook Magic, and we may feature a your story.  Please email Info@ebookmagicapp.com

My students always have difficulty learning the names of their classmates.  They will say “that boy over there” or “some girl”.  This year, I took a picture of each student with my iPad and imported them into a class book.  I used eBook Magic but you could also use iBooks Author.  It is a simple book.  Each page consists of only the child’s picture and a sentence that says, “I am ___”  The simplicity of this book was so helpful at the beginning of the year.  Students learned names much more quickly, but more importantly, they were “reading”.

Kristi Meeuwse
I teach kindergarten in Charleston, SC.


Some of eBooks Magic’s feature that makes it easy for kids…

Teachers Love that students can choose from Page Layouts and just double tap photo and text boxes to add content.

The “Auto-Page_Create” Feature allows students to choose up to 10 photos at once, and the app automatically produces one page for each photo.

eBook Magic allows for easy drag and move items on page.  But the menu has 3 tabs to allow kids to access powerful tools for more advanced pages.

Students can view and read their books in iBooks moments after they create them.  Teachers and Parents can order real printed copies of the book.


An iPad Classroom…

This year, more students get to particiapte in the magic of using iPads while learning.

This video shares the excitement of eBook Magic and other great IOS apps.

Creating Books On The iPad Using eBook Magic

Amy Winstead is a teacher in South Carolina.

She produced this simple instructional video for her students.

She recommends using eBook Magic for student made study guides, science journals and vocabulary journals in the activities part of her video.


I am a tech coordinator for multiple schools and we are continuously looking for apps that will promote 21st century learning. eBook Magic is an app that I will highly recommend to my my staff members SrK and up. It offers all the features of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking that need to present in the engaging, motivating, and digital learning environments necessary for today’s learners. Fab job on ebook Magic!!! – Laurie Yingling


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