What is eBook Magic, and what can it do?

eBook Magic is an app for iPad for making books.  It can also be used for making almost any type of document.  If you need a document with photos and text, eBook Magic can do it.  Simply double-tap the photo and text boxes to add content.

Is it Easy to use?

Yes. eBook Magic’s fan base includes everyday people making photo books, children in schools making picture books, Photographers use it to make coffee table books.  We’ve even seen designers use it for quick catalog creation.   The app can be used in many ways…

The Basic Workflow of eBook Magic

1. Choose Page Template


2.Double-Tap to add a photo


3. Double Tap text to Type


4. Page Done

What can it be used for?

    • Photo Books
    • Photo Journals- use the iPad camera while creating a page!
    • Cook Books & Family Recipe Books
    • Children’s Picture Books
    • Geometry Menu: Layer order & Rounded Corners
    • Family Vacation and “road Trip” albums
    • Instruction guides and Manuals
    • Coffee Table books and Gifts

What if i want to do more advanced page making?

eBook Magic has advanced layout features inside of the 2 menu types…

On the top right is Book Settings Menu, change:  book title, book size, and turns on/off print margins and the layout grid/grid sizes

The Text and Photo menus have 3 tabs.  The Text, Photo, and Page settings menu are located on the top left. Touch on text, photo or page and the settings menu appears.

  • The 1st tab is the primary functions for Photo and Text:  Choose your Photo or Text Font styling tools respectively
  • The 2nd tab edits Text/Photo box properties: border color/ frame width, fill color overlay, add a photo (Text box)
  • The 3rd tab: Geometry menu – numerical controls for size / position. Layer order, Round box corners, and delete
  • The Page Settings menu has only 1 tab. Set background photo, color fill overlay, and Horizontal/Vert page margins.

How can I share my eBook Magic made books?

  1. Email – send out your creations in any of the 5 output formats
  2. DropBox: share book files or links with your friends
  3. iBooks: read you ePub out put in iBooks seconds later
  4. Collaborate: the editable eBook Magic file can be sent to other eBook Magic users
  5. FaceBook: the Export to Album sends the pages as photos your iPad photo album. Share any way you want!
  6. Other Apps? eBook Magic allows you to share your files on any other compatible app installed.

Can the books be read on iPhone, iPad or both?

Both. the Epub and PDF & JPG outputs can be read or viewed on all 4 size IOS devices. iPhone 1-4s, iPhone 5, iPad1-3 and iPad mini.

What is an ePub?

ePub files are books files that have “animated” page turning.  iPad, Nook, Kindle, and other ereaders view and read these files.  eBook Magic’s epubs are optimized for iPhone and iPad, but *may work on other devices. Epubs are great to send to your friends because of:

  • Page turning animations
  • Kids get more into iPads when it looks like a real book
  • Page turning produces a “Page flip” sound
  • Search & table of contents
  • Built in dictionary for text books
  • Bookmark pages
  • Page brightness adjuster beyond the standard iPad/iPhone control
  • You can download of samples from iBookstore

What else can i do with eBook Magic?  Touch the Photo here to find out one idea…

Here is an example of a letter made in ebook Magic

*  eBook Magic was designed so that you can make a page with photos and text in less than a minute.  (It can actually be done in 11 seconds.) Use it to make any type of page you want.

1. Get Started Fast and Easy:
- Add a new blank page, use page templates, or edit any of the 100+ page formats.

2. Double-Tap to add a Photo.
- Pinch and Zoom the photo within picture frame, or resize proportions with active Resize/Move.
- Photos can be placed in Page Backgrounds, Text boxes, Photo boxes.
- Frame photo borders and color Fill with color overlay with % opacity.

3. Double-Tap to Dictate or Type:
Tap a text box and up pops your keyboard.  Use Dictation on supported iPads.

“This is a great app for putting together simple presentations.  Very easy to use, good interface, and I am able to export as PDF.  Would definitely recommend.” -Cflowlive

“I’ve been using this app to make PDF’s and portfolios for work.  So much easier than using Word, Pages, or even Acrobat. kind of amazing.” J.Goergen / creative director at Smart Business Digital

Does it have a lot of share options?

ePub: for iBooks & other readers
PDF: for home printing
Upload for Printing: order book online with plenty of budget friendly options
Export Book as Album: sends book pages, each as JPG to the iPad photo album
Ebook Magic Document: Share the editable file with friends for collaboration.
SHARE to Email, Dropbox, iBooks, Preview, iTunes, or Other Apps.

What size books can I make?

eBook Magic’s default page size is 8 x 10 inches for high Res PDF output..   The Book Size menu gives you 12 books sizes. You can resize your book at any point and page content converts automatically.

  • Portrait
    • 8.5 x 11 in
    • 8 x 10 in in
    • 5 x 8 in
    • A4 Portrait
  • Square
    • 10 x 10 in
  • Landscape
    • 11 x 8.5 in
    • 10 x 7.5 in
    • 13 x 10 in
    • 14 x 10 in
    • 8 x 6 in
    • 1024px x 768px (iPad resolution)
    • A4 Landscape

* When you upload for printing, the printing web server will choose the matching print size automatically, or will select the 2 nearest sizes to give you pricing options.

How do I contact eBook Magic?

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