Index Card Magic

There are 4 main controls in the Index Card Magic interface:

1. The Left Menu to hold Projects

2. The Share Icon

3. The Settings Icon

4. The + Icon to add new cards

1. The Side Menu

The Side Menu button holds Projects inside of Categories.  You can select a Project to display and work with on the main Index Card Magic screen.

Pressing the icon opens the side menu.  The + button on the Category adds new projects.  At the bottom of this menu you can + add new Categories to hold additional projects.   A star indicates the selected project.

Tapping on a Category or Project brings up the keyboard for renaming.  The number next to the name represents the number of cards in that project.  Projects containing more than 15 cards will display dots on the bottom of the screen and scroll left/right.

2. The Share Icon:

The Share icon activates the Cut/Copy/Paste/Trash/ and export Share functions.  When first pressed, the options are greyed out until cards are selected with a single tap.

When first pressed, the options are greyed out until cards are selected with a single tap.

Once one or more cards are selected, options like cut and copy become available.  The “Share” button now available will allow exporting of the cards in ePub, Script, or outline views.

A Popup Menu will offer output view selections.  The include: Script, Outline, Project List and ePub.

Depending on which share output is selected, the apps that handle that file format show.  iBooks is needed to read the ePub books.  Each Index card becomes a page for the book.

The Script view uses each card for a section of the outline.  The Text will be highlighted per the color of the index card.  Images attached to the index cards will show after the text area.  These cards show text as centered in these outputs.

1. The Settings Menu (Gear)

The Gear icon opens the Settings Menu.  Here you can edit the book name, author name, as well as set the app background color, and access the Dropbox feature.  A free account is required.

The Menu is divided into 2 parts.  The top half is settings for the current project.  You can edit the book name, author name, and ISBN for the ePub output for iBooks.

The bottom half of the menu allows you to set the background color for the Project screens.  You can also contact support, view this instruction website, and access the Dropbox export.

4. The Plus icon and Project Screen

The + Plus icon adds new cards to the screen. Double tap a card to open.

Touch and hold a card until it starts to jiggle to re-arrange.  The cards will re-arrange similar to app icons on the iPhone and iPad.

The “i” button on the bottom right side of the screen opens the Quick Start instructions screens. Press done to close.